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The Case for West Papua
The historical and legal arguments for West Papuan independence. 
"This paper argues that the only legitimate mean for ensuring the West Papuan people’s undeniable right to self-determination is fully exercised, is by putting the West Papuan case on the agenda of the United Nations Committee of 24: Special Committee on Decolonization, considering West Papua as a territory yet to be decolonised; officially recognizing it as a ‘Non-Self-Governing Territory’; and facilitating negotiations between Indonesia, as the administering power, and the people of West Papua in accordance with the relevant “UN Resolutions” on decolonization." Herman Wainggai

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Hundreds of West Papuans arrested throughout Indonesia - August 15

More than a hundred West Papuans arrested in West Papua as people took to the streets to commemorate the signing of the New York Agreement on August 15, 1962. Protesters were arrested, questioned and then released. Among them was a 9-year old little boy whose crime was marching alongside his fellow West Papuans. The Indonesian police demonstrated exactly why the UN should intervene in West Papua. West Papua remains a highly militarized zone in the world, where Journalists and the media and banned even today. 

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Spanish tourist arrested by Indonesian police in Jayapura two months ago speaks out

He was questioned whether he was a journalist passing through West Papua. He was told that Journalists - esp. foreign journalists - aren't allowed in West Papua. 


Free West Papua: Growing International Solidarity for a Forgotten Independence Movement

It is likely that most US citizens who consider themselves informed about global events are aware of the genocides in Rwanda, Bosnia and East Timor, yet it’s likely that few people in the US are aware of the ongoing genocide in West Papua, New Guinea.

The Spanish tourist who was arrested by the Indonesian police for attending a "Free West Papua" rally, spoke out about his first experience with Indonesian justice. According to Radio NZ International, the 28-year old Andreu Arino came across a West Papuan rally, so he went over and talked to protesters and interacted with them when he was arrested by the Indonesian police. The whole experience took place in Jayapura city, West Papua, where he was staying briefly in June.
He shared his experience with Indira Stewart, you can read the entire transcript of the interview here. 
Since 2006, I spoke to the media - both in Australia and the USA - about the issue of West Papua, especially the need for intervention in West Papua. I was interviewed by many television programs. Here are some of my interviews and news about my escape from West Papua: 

Charistmatic leader being groomed fo greatness

By Tom Allard
January 20, 2006
IN HERMAN Wainggai, the struggling West Papuan independence movement may have the articulate young leader it needs to get its message across to the mainstream.
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News about our journey to Australia

Click Here and send Herman Wainggai a note if you want him to speak at your event or to have a discussion with him about West Papua and the 'Nonviolent Movement' he'd led in West Papua - the idea behind the movement and the methods used to implement those ideas. 
Follow me on 'Soundcloud' and get up-to-date podcasts on issues relevant to my fight against Indonesian colonialism. Messages are posted here when important events come up. This year, the PIF will meet in Hawaii and my message to the MSG leaders in PIF is clear - "please give West Papua a chance". Money will come and go, but one's reputation will be destroyed for ever.

Interview outside the Australian Parliament

UN RADIO: "Slow genocide" happening in West Papua, says indigenous person

This is an interview I made with the UN Radio and published by the UN Radio Website in 2014. In this interview, I highlighted Indonesian occupation of our land which was based on a bogus election known as the "Act of Free Choice" and also the ongoing violation of the human rights in West Papua. I also explained why we are fighting for our freedom and the need for the UN to consider our case in upcoming meetings of the United Nations General Assembly. 

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Other Interviews 

Interview by Clearing the Fog Radio in Washington, D.C. I was given the opportunity to talk about West Papua to the American audience who probably never heard of West Papua.       Check out the interteview page.
Nobel Prize: Herman Wainggai – Nominated For The 2016 Nobel Peace Price
Herman Wainggai was born in Jayapura, West Papua. He has devoted more than 20 years of his life to nonviolence struggle to free his people from Indonesian colonial government. In 2002, he was charged with subversion and sent to prison for two years. His crime was organizing peaceful protests against Indonesian occupation. He served his full prison term and released in 2004.

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"On the Ground" Interview with West Papuan Activist Herman Wainggai

My name is Herman Wainggai, I come from West Papua. West Papua is a part of Indonesia. Indonesia claims that it is one of the provinces. West Papua was handed to the Indonesian government without any consultation from the West Papuan people back in 1963. So ever since 1963 there had been a conflict between the Indonesian government and the Indigenous west Papuan people.

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