Herman Wainggai
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Escape West Papua


Part I - Arrested in 2002 

​​My plan to escape West Papua began long time prior to my arrest in 2002, but while spending time in prison, my thought of escape became stronger and stronger. 
In this clip, I tell my story about how I was arrested in 2002 after I returned to West Papua, what I went through during the three months in the confinement block inside the Indonesian police station. I also explained in brief the physical and psychological torture I endured then. 
This is the first time I got to tell my story in some detail I didn't talk about in the past. Talking about this helps me "heal". 
In the next clip, I'll talk about the plan to escape and the beginning of our journey to Australia and the things that empowered us. Watch it

"...the truth will set your free" - John 8:32. 

Arrested in 2002 - the beginning of my plan to escape! 

Pacific Island Leaders Raised West Papuan Case at the United Nations General Assembly

​At the UN General Assembly [September 2016], Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Nauru, Marshall Islands and Tuvalu raised the West Papua case and called for UN action in order to stop human rights abuses committed by Indonesia. The leaders of the Pacific islands also demanded the right of self-determination to the Indigenous Peoples of West Papua to be respected. 

UNPO - Full article

Pacific Island Leaders of Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Marshall Islands, Nauru, and Tuvalu (Sept. 2016)