Herman Wainggai
The man who never quit
My Mission 
Journey to the USA Mr. Herman Wainggai represents the Federal Republic of West Papua at the United Nations in New York and is the cofounder and foreign advocate for the West Papua National Authority Mission based in Washington, D.C.
He selflessly invested twenty six years of his precious life to furthering the of people in the art and science of Melanesian nonviolent civil resistance cause of West Papua's independence in his capacity as a leader, educator, nonviolent political activist, and trainer, imparting inspiration and skills alike to thousands.
Me at the UNGA - 2016. 
I first attended a U.S Congressional Hearing on  the issue of West Papua on September 2010. The hearing explored various issues with West Papua and US part in the whole issue.  I was also instrumental in organizing the "Symposium,"Democracy and Human Rights in Asia and the Pacific - Searching For Solutions - West Papua - The Washington Solution" in November 2010 at the George Mason University's Sociology Department. This widely attended symposium advanced the perspectives we arrived at during the first U.S Congressional Hearing two months earlier (22 September). By invoking the personal testimonies of West Papuans living under Indonesian rule, the symposium enhanced both a conceptual and an emotional understanding of the West Papuan oppression and aimed to cement relationships between the people of West Papua, the United States, and Australia.
Back in Australia, I helped establish radio programs, NGOs and other political and diplomatic platforms that give voice and expression to the West Papuan struggle for peace and self determination. I lost no opportunity in expanding my repertoire of peaceful resistance, completing human rights advocacy training and congressional visits at such venues as the Coalition of International Torture Abolition and Survivor's Support (TASSC), the UN Special Rapporteur and Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment in Washington, D.C. I am proud to be recognized as one of the TASSC TRUTH SPEAKERS in 2015 by TASSC.
I've been tirelessly working since 2011 in Washington, D.C to enlist the support of multilateral organizations like the UN, professional human rights communities of practice, prominent Universities and their students and faculty, and members of the US Congress, in spreading awareness and understanding of the plight of my people.
During the course of my work here, friends and I produced at least three documentary films and several widely viewed videos on YouTube that focused on my work. I’ve been working tirelessly and will continue to in order to promote my people's vision for our homeland – West Papua, namely, self determination guaranteed by international law. This is in stark contrast to the inhumanity we suffered on a daily basis at the hands of the Indonesian government.
I’ve has been given an Honorary position as a Research Scholar at the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Commonwealth Center for Excellence, George Mason University, Arlington, Virginia, USA. I had been tirelessly and prolifically creating events at NGOs, universities, professional associations and at various churches, while maintaining an active campaign through blogging as well as on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. Inspired by the desire to build U.S support for independence of West Papua.